The Why & Where of Luxury Villa Holidays

Private luxury villas are becoming popular with travellers seeking a luxury, personalised travel experience. The emergence of multi-generational travel and group travel has also contributed to this choice of holiday.

The exotic locations, private beach access, private chefs and exclusive facilities have become a major drawcard for those wanting to avoid crowded swimming pools, expensive food and generally having to share your holiday with strangers!

We’ve put together the top reasons to choose a private villa for your holiday, and the best destinations to experience these luxury retreats.

Reasons to Book a Luxury Private Villa

Privacy. You have the villa all to yourself and you can’t match that level of privacy in even the best 5-star hotel. No neighbours or other travellers to share your space with. The pool and facilities are yours alone!

Value for money. If you’ve got a group or large family, you’ll often find a luxury villa is much better value than a luxury hotel. This is particularly true if you’re looking at a stay longer than a week. Villas tend to offer good long stay discounts, and with all the included extras such as kitchen, laundry and gym, you’ll find you’re saving on extras too.

Space. Villas generally offer a great deal more expansive room to move than a hotel room. Your own outdoor areas, beautifully furnished. Fully stocked kitchens, large dining areas, plenty of space for relaxing. Many villas also offer your own gym, large pool, even a cinema room.

Location. You can choose what villa location you prefer, and many villas offer sweeping vistas, beachfront locations, or even jungle surrounds. Villas tend to occupy exclusive locations that offer incredible views and of course you’re away from the tourist hoards.

Bespoke experience. You get to choose the villa that has the facilities, location, staff and food that best suits you. And once you’re there, what you do, at what time, is totally up to you! Many villas include a private chef, so you can eat what, where and when you want. And for picky eaters, or those with dietary requirements, everything will be exactly as you need it to be.

Family friendly. Villas are great for kids as they usually have plenty of toys, equipment and recreational activities for the kids. And many villas in Asia have nanny rooms so you can enjoy a live-in helper!

Best Villa Holiday Destinations

1. Greek Islands. A great value villa destination with plenty of stunning locations to choose from. And the views! Top island choices are Milos, Crete, Zakynthos, Lefkas, Rhodes, Corfu, Paxos or Mykonos.

2. Italy. You’re spoilt for choice in Italy – stay on the rolling hills of Tuscany, cliffside on the stunning Amalfi Coast or Sorrento, overlooking the vineyards in Chianti, by the water in the Italian Lakes district or amongst history in Sicily.

3. Japan. More chalets than villas, there are a huge choice of luxury, beautifully appointed houses in the Japanese ski towns. Most include modern, designer fitouts with hot tubs, drying rooms, fireplaces and gorgeous mountain views. Top spots are Niseko, Hakuba and Furano.

4. Bali and Lombok. Bali is always a popular choice with Australians for a villa holiday, and there are more options in newer locations, such as Canggu, than ever before. The new frontier in Indonesia is Lombok and there are several fabulous beachside retreats available. This is Bali’s much quieter, more pristine alternative. But get in before it gets invaded by tourists.

5. Thailand. This is another destination that is popular with Australians for a villa holiday. Top spots are Koh Samui, Phuket and Krabi. On the mainland just near the bridge to Phuket is Natai Beach, which is beautiful location with many luxury villas available. It has a more local, pristine feel, while still offering the convenience of a 30 minute trip into Phuket and close to Phang Nga.

6. France. This is a wonderful place to explore local towns and historic sites from the comfort of a rustic villa. Great bases to set yourself up are Bordeaux, Provence, Dordogne, Corsica, Cote d’Azur and Biarritz.

7. Portugal. Live like a local and explore this fascinating country from the comfort of your private abode. Top spots to stay are Algarve, the Lisbon Coast, Madeira and Vivlamoura.

8. Sri Lanka. This is such a diverse country – you can choose from beaches, mountains, national parks, ancient ruins and colonial forts. Most villas are Colonial style, with plenty of space and a full contingent of staff.

9. Spain. Many Spanish villas exude elegance. Some are perched on clifftops, others are nestled in the country, or take your pick of seaside stunners. Top areas for a beautiful villa are Catalonia, Cantabria, Costa Brava, Majorca, Valencia and Ronda.

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