Top Reasons to Visit Hawai’i

Hawai’i is such a relaxed destination, yet there is so much to do and great diversity between the islands, offering a truly unique holiday experience. There’s varying styles and price points for accommodation, great shopping and a unique dining scene. Here’s some great reasons to head to Hawai’i.

1. The Wildlife. Get up close and personal with the local fauna. From night dives with manta rays and spotting humpback whales breaching during their annual migration, to snorkelling with wild dolphins and green sea turtles.

2. Experience Adventure. Feel the adrenalin pumping as you fly over one of the world’s most active volcanoes, or walk around the rim of a crater. Zipline through a rainforest or go exploring off the beaten track in an ATV.

3. It’s a Sporting Mecca. From rugged hiking trails to stand-up paddle boarding and award winning golf courses, there a sporting activity to suit everyone. There is also a huge calendar of sporting events throughout the year including marathons, surfing competitions and ironman championships.

4. Go Cruising. If you want to see all the islands of Hawai’i and you’ve got limited time, a cruise is the perfect answer. Each day you can explore a new island, while the ship delivers you to a new destination overnight. And best of all you only have to unpack once!

5. Go Shopping. Visit charming boutiques in quiet villages and market stalls selling one of a kind items, update your wardrobe at bargain-filled factory outlets or indulge at international designer stores.

6. Get Romantic. Hawai’i is perfect for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and just getting reacquainted. Beautiful sunsets, festive bars and nightclubs, sunset cruises.

7. Feast for Foodies. The islands multicultural population creates an incredible culinary landscape, with a focus on fresh, sustainable produce. Visit farmers’ markets, discover local specialities at the roadside food trucks, tour working farms to sample high-quality coffee, chocolate and cheese, or dine in high-end restaurants owned by some of the USA’s most celebrated chefs.

8. Family Getaway. Family is at the heart of the Hawaiian culture, so it’s no surprise these islands are the perfect family destination. Children are warmly welcomed everywhere and there are plenty of activities and dining options to suit.

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